GoToMeeting Web App

Lead designer. Interaction & Visual Design

This project involved designing the GoToMeeting application for the web by utilizing webRTC. 


The Problem

  • Improve meeting join: Getting into meetings fast is one of the core needs of a meeting attendee. The desktop based application needs a download and installation and is error prone. A no-download web based application is the way to go.
  • Simplify the experience: This was an opportunity to dramatically simplify the experience by removing all unnecessary features that had accumulated in the desktop app over the years. 


Initially, this was an engineering-driven project to create a app that does not require a download using webRTC. Eliminating the download would reduce the join time. But that wasn't enough to improve the overall join experience. The design team used this opportunity to influence the product strategy and think about the user needs holistically. We also used this time to fundamentally rethink the GoToMeeting web app experience.


  • On-boarding: Guiding the attendee to connect to audio, video and screen sharing in a browser.
  • Simplifying the experience: The challenge was to utilize the browser as a new medium for a highly interactive application. This first iteration focused on minimizing UI elements. The next iteration can focus on not getting constrained by the browser window through better use of scrolling and responsive design.


Early Explorations

I did several rounds of explorations to reduce the UI elements to their bare minimum. This was the chance to redefine the app experience. 

Final Designs


Customer feedback

“The new GoToMeeting is amazing. No download. Beautiful UI.”

Chad Skinner via Twitter. March 5, 2015.

"I just wanted to say to the UX designers and entire team, thank you for making a superior product. It's just so clear that you've taken a great deal of time to list to your customers in the web and app interfaces. Its invisible to me how much is going on under the hood for things to work out so simply and smoothly, and so often invisibility is the most miraculous victory, don't you think? No one spends enough time telling others how impactful their work is to others - myself included, so I wanted to tell you why I really appreciate using gotomeeting! You've made the website version so amazing that often I don't bother to use the app. What a fantastic problem to have! I've worked with customers who are either non-tech saavy or have simply never prioritized technology as a big part of their lives, as well as customers with ancient hardware, and because you have such a great web version that requires no download to start a meeting with, I've been able to use you flawlessly for remote usability testing/qualitative interviewing for years. Its such a relief not to have to worry about if the software will work or not! You've recognized what tends to be a super high source of anxiety, at least for me, which is that I really, really want it obvious if I'm muted or not muted. I LOVE how that's one of the first things in the 'connecting to a meeting' workflow that I encounter.... phew! Recording a meeting is super easy. That's important to my current organization, as well as to my past experiences with remote qualitative interviews. Please pass this onto your design team, and please keep up the great work, thanks so much!"

- SuAnne Hall