Web portal redesign

Lead designer. Interaction & Visual Design

The Problem:

  • Reduce time to benefit. Over time, three distinct web portals for scheduling and joining meetings had grown organically. Each looked and behaved differently which lead to a disjointed experience. 

  • Questions around how to schedule were one of the top support call drivers.

  • Product on-boarding was confusing. Users were asked to download the desktop app unexpectedly. 

  • 70% of trial users were not using the product even once.

The Solution: Reduce friction and increase delight

  • Promote a personalized meeting with a simple and easy to remember join link.
  • Reduce steps from account creation to hosting the first meeting.


We analyzed the customer journey from account creation to conducting the first real meeting. There were numerous points of friction and user drop off. The concept shown below was used to demonstrate how we could simplify the experience and increase customer engagement. It demonstrated how we could breakdown silos across marketing (pre sign-up) and product (post sign-up) to unlock one great customer experience.



The product shipped with a smaller subset of features from the initial concept. The development happened in two phases. Phase 1 was focused on redesigning the existing web-app and phase 2 on layering-in the creation of a personal meeting room. 


This project formed the basis of numerous continuous improvements to improve engagement. A year after the release we saw a 10% increase in meeting starts for customers who had created their personal meeting rooms. 

The updates to the website are absolutely fantastic!  The interface is great and much more modern looking.