Gotomeeting Chat

Work is more than just a meeting. How do we help people communicate the way they want to? 

This project is the first phase of a larger vision for transforming GoToMeeting. This phase enables quick ad-hoc communication. I was responsible for working closely with product managers to create the initial vision and to execute on a targeted use-case.



Business Goal: How do we make GoToMeeting mission critical? How do we transform it from just a formal meeting solution to something customers use throughout the day?

User Goal: Find the most effective and quick way to communicate with my co-workers, keep track of projects and build team rapport.


Background Story

Over the course of 4 years, my team and I, designed several concepts that helped guide the vision for GoToMeeting. The project went through a series of ebbs and flows and a small portion of this was finally released as a soft beta this year. I led the work on this last iteration that started in December 2015. I took it from the initial concept all the way to creating hi-fidelity designs for the beta. After I moved to another project in April 2016, the team took it through beta launch and continues to work on it today. You can see it here



Vision test

In early 2015, I along with another designer, created a few concepts for a 2 year vision of GoToMeeting. With the backing of research conducted over many years and with a business goal of making GoToMeeting mission critical in the customer's workflow, we created multiple concepts. We tried to answer the question "How can we become the trusted partner that can guide customers successfully through the day?". We tested the concepts with a small set of users and zoned-in on the most promising concept, that of 'instant communication or chat'

Concept test

After a few quarters, we got the go-ahead to start work on 'instant communication'. I worked very closely with the product manager to define the concept. We conducted a series of high level concept tests, interviewed potential user types and ran a survey to narrow down our focus on one customer persona and one targeted use-case. Our goal was to release a beta as soon as possible and to have real customers use so we could establish the product market fit.

A few Hi-Fidelity designs

Future concept


The project has gone through fits and starts over 4 years. It has been a great learning experience to lead a big ambiguous problem that involves a large team and which has a lot at stake. I am happy to chat more about the process and lessons learnt.